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Advanced Career Training (ACT) is a Michigan licensed proprietary school. The training is approved for tuition funds by MIWorks, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, and Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG). ACT is currently seeking approval to provide veterans training free of charge to qualified veterans. 

Classes forming now and monthly.

ACT nursing assistant graduates are able to work in many settings–nursing homes/LTC, hospitals, private homes, group homes, hospice, correctional institutions, assisted living and other long term institutions ( for example: Rainbow Rehab and Eisenhower), once they are Certified Evaluated Nursing Assistants (CENA). Graduates must pass the certification exam provided by Headmaster to achieve this designation. If a graduate is unable to pass the certification exam, they automatically qualify to be a Home Health Aide (HHA). Many of the listed settings above also hire HHAs.

It takes three weeks of training and however long it takes to pass the exam to become a CENA. With this achievement, one can make $28,000 to $40,000 a year. For many, this is life changing. ACT and ACT instructors are student focused. Students are given opportunities to practice outside of class hours and are allowed to repeat the class free of charge should they fail Headmaster’s exam.

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